Monday, August 15, 2016

From the 50's TO the 40's....

Some vintage girls are just interested in one era...

For example, just the 50's or just the 30's.

For me, I have 2 decades in heart!

50's of course but also 40's!

I really like the puffy skirts of the 50's,

that make me feel like a princess...

but I also like the simple lines of the 40's fashion!

"A" shape skirt, small puffy sleeves...

So simple but SO elegant!

I usually HATE paisley, but I really fell in love with that dress.

I found it NOS in Bruxelles 2 days ago!

I could not wait to wear it, really perfect for hot weather!

I paired it with my 40's purse... 

a lot of people believe it's a fishing basket...

This hat from the late 30's, early 40's is typically french.

I bought it NOS years ago, a real treasure... but SO fragile!

You must have noticed my gorgeous brooch...

I will tell you a secret, it is not vintage!

It was made for me by the friendly Melanie from

Please visit her shop, her work is amazing and she can also customized her designs just for you (colors, rhinestones...)

Here is a 40's summer style by Sylvain!

Like me he loves the 50's but can easily switch to the 40's or even 30's.

He likes those kind of knickers but they are quite hard to find now.

Great sporty watch from the 50's!

One more time our familly asked us:
"Did you choose to match today?"
One more time it was unexpected....

Do you like different decades?
Did you find some great vintage pieces recently?

Beaucoup d'amoureux du vintage se concentrent sur une seule période, ce n'est pas le cas pour moi. Bien sûr, j'adore les 50's avec ces jupes corolles avec des jupons qui vous font sentir comme une princesse, mais j'aime aussi les lignes simples des années 40... une simplicité qui donne de l'élégance! Je suis tombée amoureuse de cette robe dès que je l'ai vu dans une boutique à Bruxelles samedi dernier.... même si d'habitude je déteste le motif paisley, le mariage de couleurs et la coupe de cette petite merveille m'ont séduites et en plus neuve d'époque, que demander de plus?
Sylvain est comme moi, il peut très bien passé d'un style 50's à 40's, voir 30's... Une fois de plus, nous étions assortis sans l'avoir réellement cherché....
- A bientôt -

Thursday, August 11, 2016

DONKEYS all around....

We are back from our summer vacations...

But nothing really fancy for a french couple...

Paris for a few days and south of France to visit familly!

We had a great time

and fantastic weather...

but sky has been really sad since we went back home.

Sylvain has already come back to vintage ties and jacket!

But even if it's a bit chilly,

I don't want to wear my fall clothes already!!!

It's still summer afterall!!!

When will I wear those cute REMIX sandals if I don't wear them NOW?

I brought them back from L.A. last April, they are really comfy.

I wear today for the first time this donkeys skirt.

It was custom made for me from a vintage 50's fabric that I purchased on Facebook.

I like skirts with huge pockets!

As this skirt has a lot of white,

I had to find some colorfull accessories!

This scarf just thrifted in Paris was perfect!

I like to wear my new finds as soon as possible
(before I forget about them...)

like those blue bangles that I thrifted for a few cents 2 days ago!!!

They match perfectly my bakelite even if they are just plastic!

I'm not snobbish for my jewellery, 

of course I prefer bakelite but I don't care if a bangle is just plastic as soon as it looks great and have a pretty color!

My favorite season is really summer,
I like to wear vintage coton clothing and sandals...

For my hubby, it's the opposite,
he is feeling naked without a tie...

and don't ask him if he likes to wear shorts for summer...
he HATES them!!!

Do you care if a bangle is bakelite or not?
What is your favorite season?

Nous voici de retour après quelques jours de vacances... rien de bien excitant pour des français... Paris, puis le Périgord... mais au final, pas besoin de partir bien loin pour prendre du bon temps! Mais dès notre retour, nous avons retrouvé le temps maussade qui semble n'avoir pas quitté notre région de tout l'été... même si Sylvain est déjà retourné à ses vestes et cravates, c'est hors de question pour moi de me résoudre à quitter mes sandales et mes cotonnades, si je ne les porte pas maintenant, quand le ferais-je?
- Bonne fin de vacances! -